Arizona Off Road State Championship Series


The 2018 final results and standings have been updated. See the results menu above.


Join us with special guest emcee Larry "SuperMouth" Huffman at the 2017-2018 end-of-season banquet. It will be held at the Sheridan Crescent Hotel on Saturday, June 23rd. Price is $20 each. Click the appropriate button below to buy through PayPal.



Teaser video for the last round of the season.


Registration opens for the Prison Break Enduro 2 today, 3/5, at noon:


Enjoy this teaser video for the Copper Classic coming up this weekend.


Registration for the Copper Classic will be open until 5pm Wednesday, 2/28.


The flyer is up for the Prison Break Sprint Enduro 2, hosted by Rock Stars MC.

Registration will open next week.


    The flyer is up for the San Manuel Copper Classic hosted by Trail Riders of Southern Arizona

    Registration is open through Tuesday, February 27th


    Results for the Rough Rider 100 are up on the West Hare Scrambles site


    Slight updates to the dates for rounds 6 and 8 on the schedule. Check it out!


    Please note: AMRA is NOT handling registration for the Rough Rider 100 in Prescott Valley. It is being handled by West Hare Scrambles. If you're trying to register for the Rough Rider 100 be sure to use the West Hare Scramble registration page.


    Merging the scores from the two races became unmanageable and has been outsourced to the author of Mototally. It will take a few weeks. We sincerely apologize for the delay. It has been a humbling learning experience significantly complicated by the requirement to score as two separate events for the ISDE but wanting a single score for AMRA. We will know better how to handle this going forward.


    The flyer for the Rough Rider 100 in Prescott Valley! has been updated. Please be sure to have a look.

    NOTE, The following corrections were made to the flyer

    • Race 4 on Saturday is the Women A, and All C Class. The entry fee is $65.
    • Race 5 is the Team Race and the entry is $40 for both riders, $20 each.
    • Mike Johns' phone number was corrected.

    Pre-entry opened on 1/17 at 2AM CST on the West Hare Scramble Mototally page


    First we'd like to apoligize for the delays and confusion. The score merging process has been more complicated and labor intensive than we anticipated. We thank you for your patience.

    Below are the results that were sent to the AMA. We are going to trophy off these results and have them at the next race. We are going to move the AMRA members from the LOI classes into their respective classes, import that to Mototally, and award series points based on those results. It’s not going to be an easy task so it will be some time before everything is up on the site. This will mean some people will slide down another spot if there was an LOI rider from their AMRA class.

    Please direct questions or concerns to the big bike steward, mini steward, or AMRA president as appropriate.

    ISDE Final Results to AMA

    Note that yellow rows indicate trophies will be awarded.

    Here is a version with the LOI riders put into their respective AMRA classes and divisions.

    ISDE Final Results with LOI in AMRA


    Flyer is up for the FAST'R MC Cancer Crusher ISDE Qualifer!

    Be sure to read the ISDE Qualifier supplemental rules.

    Pre-entry is now open.


    Flyer is up for the OHV85 Buckeye Harescramble!

    Pre-entry is now open.


    The final version of the TRMC/CTR Stand Up Scramble Flyer has been released. Final race times are indicated in the flyer below.

    Pre-entry is now open.


    XMC has released a preview video for the upcoming Santa Rita Shootout. Enjoy!


    Pre-entry is open for XMC's October 22nd Santa Rita Shootout in Tucson. Sign up early and save yourself some dough! Pre-entry closes at midnight on Wednesday, October 18th.


    Results have been posted for the Sheridan Mountain Showdown!


    Innovative Mechanical Systems has donated an additional $500 to the AA purse for the Sheridan Mountain Showdown!


    The Sheridan Mountain Showdown flyer is up!. Click the image to open a PDF that includes the second page with map and directions


    Unfortunately ATR is not going to be able to host a mini race this year. The technicalities with forest just could not come together in time.


    The 2018 schedule has been slightly updated. There was one hosting club change and the TRS event was updated to San Manuel. Check it out on the schedule page.


    The 2018 schedule has been finalized and posted. Check it out on the schedule page.


    Regular season membership and number requests are being accepted. Head over to the Membership & Number Requests page to sign up if you haven't already.


    The 2018 AMRA MotoCity AMA Arizona Off Road State Championship Series rulebook has been published. Check it out! You can always find it under the Rules, Forms, & Waivers section as well.



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